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Combo MSX SD Mapper v2 512K 4GB + Caixa de Armazenamento

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Combo MSX SD Mapper v2 512K 4GB + Caixa de Armazenamento
Combo MSX SD Mapper v2 512K 4GB + Caixa de Armazenamento
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SD Mapper cartridge v2 (second generation), with a 512K Memory Mapper, compatible with Standard MSX computers, MSX2, MSX2+, and MSX Turbo R. The cartridge can be used as a Memory Mapper for your MSX, instantly adding 512K of memory when inserted.

It has 2 slots for SD memory card insertion, with a maximum capacity of 4GB (FAT16).

If you still have an MSX, or want to start using your old friend again, this is what you need!

This version of the SD Mapper has some advantages over the first version, such as the ability to remove and insert cards without turning off the MSX (hot swap), allowing you to copy files back and forth much faster. Additionally, this version has a selector switch to choose between two firmware versions, primary and secondary, in case you encounter any problems trying to update it (not recommended).

Along with the cartridge, we include a 16GB* SD card full of games, tools, applications, and everything you can imagine that has been released for MSX and MSX2.

*The card that comes with the product is 16GB, however, Nextor natively supports the FAT16 file system, which means the maximum storage size of the card on the MSX is 4GB. If you reformat the card for use in another device (not recommended), its capacity is 16GB.

Don't have those floppy disks with the games you used to love? This is what you need! Just plug in the cartridge and start playing — forget about your old drive and floppy disks, it's all here, just select and have fun.

The cartridge already comes with a card that automatically runs the SofaRun software, so you can play your games very easily, and a list with many games for you to choose from.

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, this cartridge is incompatible with the "Expert Plus" and "Expert DD Plus" models, produced in Brazil by Gradiente. In all other MSX computers, such as the standard Expert and Hotbit (all), it works perfectly.

Upon purchase, you will receive:

  • 1 SD Mapper v2 cartridge (second generation);
  • 1 16GB SD memory card (4GB available on MSX) with games and applications — practically everything that has been released for MSX and MSX2 in history;
  • 1 case for your SD card;
  • 1 spreadsheet with all MSX games that can be accessed directly through the software that comes with the cartridge, requiring only the selection of the disk number and the desired game.

Hey! Remember those classic Konami games you loved? Knightmare, King's Valley, Goonies, Pippols, Antarctic Adventure, Nemesis, and many others? They're all here, along with many more. A LOT MORE! :)

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