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Carnivore2 multi–functional cartridge for the MSX platform

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Carnivore2 multi–functional cartridge for the MSX platform
Carnivore2 multi–functional cartridge for the MSX platform

R$ 575,00

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If you still have an MSX, or want to start using your old friend again, this is what you need!

Official Distributors of RBSC Group

We are proud to be official distributors of the RBSC Group for this particular item. Rest assured, the product you are purchasing is authentic and of the highest quality. You can verify our official partnership with the RBSC Group by following this link. Shop with confidence, knowing that you are receiving a genuine product directly from authorized distributors.

Carnivore2 is the multi–functional cartridge for the MSX platform that was created in 2017 by RBSC. The project is still supported — new firmware for FPGA is being released, as well as the software — the tools for working with the cartridge, the Boot Menu (boot block), etc. The website of RBSC can be found here.

Carnivore2 features

  • External storage: CF card (CompactFlash)
    • Nextor is used as DOS (built-in support for FAT12/16, maximum partition size: 4 GB)
    • High read and write speeds
    • Supports SD and MicroSD card adapters
    • Nextor supports floppy disk emulation with DSK files
    • Utilities compatible with MSX-DOS versions 1 and 2
    • The cartridge can be configured as a RAM extension, IDE disk, FMPAC and SCC/SCC+ sound cards, or a combination of these devices
  • RAM: 2048 KB (2 MB)
    • Includes:
      • 1024 KB main RAM with mapper
      • 256 KB for ROM shadowing
      • 720 KB additional RAM with a mapper, similar to MegaRAM
      • 4 KB for the FMPAC SRAM (a backup battery is needed to save data after turning off the power)
  • Flash memory (FlashROM): 8 MB capacity, 64 Mbit/s
    • The first 256 KB are used for service information and ROM BIOSes
    • Mapper emulation:
      • Linear 64 KB mode
      • ASCII8
      • ASCII16
      • Konami4
      • Konami5 (SCC/SCC+)
      • Custom mapper
  • Sound
    • PPI, PSG or Dual-PSG (I/O ports: 10h-11h or A0h–A1h)
    • Konami SCC and SCC+ emulation
    • OPLL emulation (YM2413, MSX – Music), BIOS IU translated to English
    • Volume setting for all emulated audio devices
    • PSG and PPI can be enabled and disabled in the user interface
  • Additional features
    • Boot menu with a choice of games and configurations saved in flash memory
    • Sorting of directory records
    • Customizable user interface (colors, sorting, key repeat speed, fade effects)
    • Help system
    • Joystick and joypads support
    • 50/60Hz instant switching support
    • Selectable Turbo or R800 modes
    • Auto-Start of configuration entries and ROMs with a startup delay
    • Allows to run 2 ROMs at the same time in the Dual-Slot screen
    • Mono/stereo modes for FMPAC output
    • Allows to set the default startup frequency (50 or 60Hz)
  • The device is designed in the form factor of the standard MSX cartridge
  • It operates at the standard frequency of 3.58 MHz, as well as turbo frequencies up to 7.11 MHz
  • Implemented on FPGA (EP2C5Q208C8 Altera Cyclone II)
  • Special software is used to control all functions
    • Download programs in ROM format to flash memory and RAM
    • Backing up flash memory, configuration RAM settings, and FMPAC RAM contents
    • Program for testing the IDE interface, etc
  • Easy setup and user–friendly interface

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